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02Jul, 2014

Calming Your Nerves Before Dental Procedures

By: | Tags: anxiety,dental fear,dental visit,dentist,patient

Almost everyone has some feelings of nervousness when thinking about visiting the dentist. We hear it all the time from our patients. But don’t worry (I know, easier said than done). It is totally normal to have a bit of anxiety (or even a lot of anxiety) before you come to our office.In our office, we have many years of experience in dealing with nervous patients. So to help you out, we’ve compiled this quick yet effective set of tips for dealing with those inevitable nerves before your dental procedure.[...]

18Jun, 2014

Considering an Upgrade to Dental Implants?

By: | Tags: dental implant,implants,missing teeth,teeth,tooth replacement

Have you been thinking of upgrading your current tooth replacement strategy but aren’t sure where to start? This is a great time of growth in modern dentistry, especially when it comes to replacing missing teeth! With the evolution of dental implants, patients don’t have to suffer some of the pains of the past when older, traditional tooth replacement methods were used.Traditionally, missing teeth were always “fixed” with bridges or dentures. And while both of those procedures are still in use by dentists and do still serve an important purpose, they[...]

04Jun, 2014

Wisdom Teeth – What’s the Big Deal?

By: | Tags: extraction,impacted teeth,third molars,wisdom teeth,wisdom teeth removal

Especially with the younger crowd, this is a question we get time and time again in our office! And understandably so! To some, removing the wisdom teeth seems like it should be an elective procedure, not a necessary one. You have probably heard the statistic that 85% of people have to have their wisdom teeth (also called “third molars”) extracted at some point during their life. But you may be wondering “Why?” (As in “Why fix it if it isn’t broken?”) Well, as it turns out, naming these teeth “wise” demonstrates [...]