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Wisdom Tooth Removal for 30-Somethings

There is a dull ache in your jaw; you feel it when you chew. When you run your tongue over your teeth, you can feel the same ache (and maybe even a bad taste) coming from those back teeth.  You know the ones. You were just out of college when they started to break through, but after several years they never really came in all the way. They’re shorter, and maybe they feel like they “lean” into your other teeth.  It’s your “wisdom teeth” that are causing all of the pain.

Why Are They Causing Problems Now?

 Not everyone will have problems with their third molars, or wisdom teeth. For a small number of people, the teeth grow in straight and without issue.  An even smaller group of folks never get them at all. But for everyone else, those molars can cause problems. It starts when the teeth begin to push up. The third molars are often positioned at an angle, so the upward movement ends up impacting against the roots of the next molars that are already fully formed.  Since there’s no room to finish moving up, the growth process stops with part of the tooth remaining under the gumline.

Needless to say, this is a precarious position for your dental health.  Anything you eat will leave food particles and bacteria trapped under the gum on the tooth.  No amount of brushing will remove it. Eventually, decay will set in and affect the roots of the wisdom tooth as well as the molar it’s next to.

Infection and tooth decay do not get better or reverse themselves with time. That dull ache you’re feeling is your body’s warning system. That’s when it may be best to proactively remove your wisdom teeth.

At Park Avenue Oral & Facial Surgery, we provide comprehensive oral surgery services, including wisdom tooth removal for results.  We’ll remove your impacted wisdom teeth under IV sedation in our AAAASF-accredited ambulatory surgical facility, providing you with a solution to keep the rest of your smile healthy.  Call our NYC office today for an appointment!