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About Bone Grafting Procedures

One of the more common jaw surgery procedures is dental bone grafting. It focuses on the jawbone, rather than the entire jaw, but is beneficial for a number of different patients. Getting bone grafting procedures can happy for a number of reasons; the bone around missing teeth can atrophy or get reabsorbed, which can make it difficult if you plan on getting dental implants in the future, for example. If this is something you are considering, an Upper East Side oral surgeon will perform a few tests first, including a tomography scan in order to determine how much bone remains in the area and how usable it will be for the procedure.

There are different types of bone grafting procedures, depending on the problem. First, an autogenous bone graft is made from your own bone. An East Manhattan oral surgeon can take the bone from elsewhere in your body and utilize those living cellular elements necessary for bone growth. This does require two procedures, but it has seen great results. The second type of one grafting uses an allogenic bone, which involves harvesting a dead bone and using it as a framework for your bone. Finally, xenogenic bone rounds out the bone grafting procedures don by an Upper East Side oral surgeon. There are also bone graft substitutions, used to avoid that second bone harvesting procedure.

While the most common reason for this type of oral surgery procedures is jawbone deterioration and loss, that deterioration is caused by something as well. Tooth extractions, periodontal disease, dentures, dental trauma, tumors, sinus deficiencies, and osteomyelitis, a bacterial infection of jawbone and bone marrow. These problems contribute a great deal to jaw bone deterioration and are the leading causes for dental bone grafting procedures.

Seeing An East Manhattan Oral Surgeon

It’s important to take proper consideration when choosing an East Manhattan oral surgeon. You have a lot of great doctors to choose from, so make sure you are taking the time to ensure you get the best medical care. Of course it’s important that you get the problem addressed right away. First and foremost, consider their expertise in dental bone grafting, among other oral surgery procedures. It’s not always as simple as just doing the grafting procedure; sometimes there are additional harvesting procedures necessary, for example, and you want to make sure the surgeon is qualified to handle them.

Dental bone grafting is necessary if you are looking to .fix a jawbone deterioration problem. The question will become what type of surgery you get and what Upper East Side oral surgeon you get to perform said procedure. The best of the best will be able to handle it without a problem.