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There are different types of facial injury and trauma which can be treated by an East Manhattan maxillofacial surgeon. Whether they are caused by car accidents, sports injuries, or work related injuries (among other reasons), there are different procedures designed to address each area of the face and type of trauma.

Treating burns
Treating facial trauma can include trauma from burns. The severity depends on how many layers of skin the burn has penetrated. An East Manhattan maxillofacial surgeon will treat burns through procedures like skin grafting, which involves transplanting healthy skin to the site of the burned skin. There are two main types: removing a thin layer of healthy skin or cutting away thicker parts of skin. The second type comes with more risks and complications, but heals faster and is usually less painful.

Treating lacerations
Facial injury trauma can also include lacerations, which are irregular wounds. They are usually caused by blunt force trauma and can be treated using stitches. It’s usually recommended that an East Manhattan maxillofacial surgeon handle any lacerations because they are able to minimize scarring and make sure you are healing properly after closing the wound. Lacerations can quickly become infected, so make sure you are attending any follow up appointments the doctor deems necessary.

Treating bruises and fractures
Bruises and fractures are two common types of facial injury trauma. These can be caused by a great number of things, including fights or car accidents. Treating mandible fractures (or jaw fractures) would be one example of this type of facial trauma. In treating these fractures, an East Manhattan maxillofacial surgeon needs to be aware of other potential problems, like airway compromise or vascular injury, before deciding on a course of treatment. Nasal fracture treatments are similar; there are other contingencies the surgeon will need to account for before performing any sort of treatment.

Consult immediately with an East Manhattan maxillofacial surgeon

It’s important that you consult with a medical professional immediately when it comes to treating facial trauma. These experts will be able to figure out what’s wrong, as well as spot any additional potential problems. An East Manhattan maxillofacial surgeon will be able to successful avoid many complications and risks a less experienced doctor or a non-specialized surgeon would miss. Consult with them immediately following any facial injury trauma to make sure you are receiving the best medical care possible.