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Sedation Dentistry


Ruben Cohen, DDS is a widely recognized leader in sedation dentistry. At Park Avenue Oral & Facial Surgery, P.C., it is our goal for patients to experience little or no anxiety or stress related to oral surgery procedures.  Many patients fear that a visit to the oral surgeon can cause underlying dread and fear. Dental anxiety may even keep people from getting regular dental check-ups. As a result, Ruben Cohen, DDS offers pain-free dentistry also known as “sedation dentistry”.

Are you feeling anxious about booking a dental appointment? Are you afraid of the dentist? Do you have a dental emergency or facial trauma emergency and need to get into a dental office today? But, you are having dental anxiety or you have fear of pain? If so, did you know that there is an easy answer for all of these situations and more; it is called “sedation dentistry” also know as pain free dentistry.

Ruben Cohen, DDS received advanced training in IV sedation & general anesthesia for dental procedures. Various forms of “pain-free” and “sedation dentistry” are offered by the NYC Oral Surgeon including:

  • Laughing gas (nitrous oxide)
  • Conscious sedation/oral sedation/sleep dentistry
  • IV Sedation Dentistry (full-scale anesthesia, administered by a specialist)
  • General anesthesia

Dr. Cohen may recommend sedation dentistry oral medications to help patients relax so that they can comfortably, safely, and calmly receive the dental care and /or oral surgery they need. Patients will be in a “twilight” state –  that is not as deep sleep as general anesthesia – but the goal is to be relaxed enough to complete your care. Often times, the patient falls asleep during the procedure. It is not uncommon for patients to experience “retrograde amnesia” where they remember very little, if any, of the appointment with Ruben Cohen, DDS due to their sedation dentistry experience.

Part of Dr. Cohen’s training included knowing how much medication to give patients, how to control (titrate) that amount during the visit, and how to monitor the patient’s vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen level) throughout the visit so it’s safe and comfortable.

How Much Pain Will I Feel with Sedation Dentistry? 

You will feel no pain.

Will I be Unconscious? 

The level of consciousness will vary with the type of anesthesia provided.

Who is a Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

  • Patients who want to complete their work in as few appointments as possible
  • Patients with a severe gag reflex
  • Patients who hate the sounds and smells associated with a dental office
  • Patients with high dental phobia