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At Park Avenue Oral & Facial Surgery, we offer all the latest cosmetic techniques and treatments, including V-Line Surgery, the popular procedure founded in Korea.

Discover v-line surgery, the acclaimed korean procedure to attain a younger face with smoother and softer lines.

What is V-Line Surgery?

Immensely popular in Korea, V-Line Surgery is a type of jaw reduction surgery used to contour and slim the lower jaw, creating a more streamlined profile. The procedure encompasses the three critical elements that shape the lower face: the angles of the jaw, the mandible bone, and the chin. The procedure is ideal for those looking to:

  • Reduce the width and length of a broad jaw.
  • Decrease a masculine thick chin and replace it with a more feminine curve that provides anoval “V” shaped face.
  • Remove an extra or double chin.
  • Reduce the size and position of the jaw to make it more sleek and elegant.

What does V-Line Surgery involve?

V-line surgery, which is typically performed in an in-patient setting under general anesthesia , usually takes between two to three hours for completion. The surgery includes the modification of the jaw line based on the proportion of other features on your face.

There are several different aspects of facial contours addressed during V-Line Surgery. After a comprehensive consultation and examination in which the details of the surgery are fully explained, your surgeon will design the precise reduction of the angled bone along the mandible.

After the jawbone has been expertly shaped, your surgeon will address the masseter muscle, and may make it smaller with a precise debulking technique. The masseter muscle, which runs along the cheek from the ear to the chin, is responsible for aiding in the chewing process. Reducing the size of this muscle slims the sides of the face below the cheekbones.

The final step in the procedure is the shaping of the chin. This process may include reducing and shortening a long chin — or lengthening a short chin with a custom-designed implant that will attain the desired V-line shape.

What is recovery like after V-Line Surgery?

Even though V-Line Surgery sounds extensive, the recovery period is surprisingly quick relative to other facial plastic surgery procedures.Immediately after the surgery, you’ll be required to wear a type of facial mask that presses tightly against your skin to keep the post-operative swelling down. You will not be allowed to have hard foods that require chewing, as this will delay the recovery time.

Most of the post-surgical swelling will dissipate in one month. It can, however, take between 2 to 3 months for the face to look completely natural.

Why a board-certified surgeon is so important for the V-Line procedure?

V-Line revision surgery is sometimes requested by patients who have had an unsuccessful chin implant or do not feel that the original procedure addressed all their concerns, leaving them unsatisfied with the results. The purpose of V-Line Surgery is to create an elegant “V-shaped” contour of the jaw and chin. If not performed properly by an experienced board-certified surgeon with extensive craniofacial and orthognathic (jaw surgery) experience– like Dr. Ruben Cohen at Park Avenue Oral & Facial Surgery –the results can vary, and leave patients unhappy with the results.

Revision surgery may also be needed to correct genioplasty with chin implants. Although chin implants are popular, they cannot give the same results as a well-performed V-Line procedure.

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