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Facial Implant Options for Reconstruction and Aesthetics

You have a thin jaw, no chin, or maybe even an overbite. Perhaps some of your face feels sunken-in as well, especially due to tooth and bone loss over time. Finally, you’re considering taking extra steps to enhance your facial profile. After all, you want the reflection in the mirror to look as young as you feel.

At this point you’re probably wondering…what more can you do?

Opting for a Different Kind of Implant

At Park Avenue Oral & Facial Surgery, we offer more than routine oral surgery and dental implants. Our board-certified surgeons can also help you to correct the shape of your jaw and profile with cosmetic implants. These implants serve a visual purpose, as they fill out your facial features in areas where the bone appears shorter or shallower than it should.

One such device is the chin implant. When inserted at the front of your mandible, it aids in creating a fuller, more defined jaw and facial profile, without traditional jaw surgery. It’s a simple process that promises noticeable results.

Another type of facial implant is the mandibular angle implant. These implants are placed in the back of the lower jaw, squaring off a narrow, undefined jaw.  The combination of chin and jaw implant can also work together to make a more aesthetically pleasing facial profile.

Your Oral Surgery and Implant Experts

At Park Avenue Oral & Facial Surgery, we understand that there are multiple facets that need to be considered when enhancing your oral health, bite, and appearance.  Our board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon will work closely with the rest of our highly experienced team to provide you with the latest in mandibular angle and chin implant treatments, so that you can enjoy the confidence of a beautiful profile that brings out your true personality. Call us today for a consultation.