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Gum Reconstruction Procedures

Gum recession is a serious concern for dentists and oral surgeons alike. The number one cause is periodontal disease, which occurs through inadequate dental hygiene, as well as overaggressive brushing or excessive teeth grinding, among other things. It’s a condition that doesn’t usually pop up out of nowhere; rather, it progresses over years and typically becomes noticeable in patients over 40. The minimal changes on a day-to-day basis make it difficult to notice until you start to notice physical symptoms. Once you notice and get a diagnosis, an Upper East Side oral surgeon will recommend different methods of gum recession treatment. In fact, treating gingival recession is the only way to make it go away, as it’s not a condition that will heal itself on it’s own.

While there are changes you can make to minimize the effect of gum recession, treatment usually requires some sort of medical intervention. The most common is a gum grafting surgery, which involves taking a thin piece of tissue from other areas of the mouth and moving it to the affected gums, where it will attach at the root. Donor skin can also be used, which has a few advantages as well.

In order to figure out whether you will benefit from a gingival grafting procedure, it’s important that you make sure you see a specialist as soon as possible. If you experience sensitivity in your teeth, inflammation, tooth mobility, or if you notice that your teeth seem larger than normal, you may be experiencing gum recession. Treatment should be started as soon as possible, so make an appointment with an Upper East Side oral surgeon.

Treating gingival recession with the help of an oral surgeon is simple on the Upper East Side. Dental surgery specialists know how painful and irritating tooth problems can be and they strive to offer the highest quality of care for all their patients. After the initial consultation, the doctor will figure out whether you’ll benefit from a gum grafting surgery or if you should try something else first. When you get a procedure from an Upper East Side gum grafting expert, you can rest assured that you are in goods hands. The specialist will prepare you for what to expect before, during, and after the procedure, making sure to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Dental problems can be incredibly debilitating and impact other areas of your health. Don’t let a problem go unaddressed. Schedule an appointment with an Upper East Side dental surgery practitioner to figure out what’s going on with your teeth and how you can fix the problem. Gum reconstruction may relieve you from suffering associated with the periodontal damage.