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While snoring is usually a major indicator of sleep apnea, the two are not mutually exclusive. Snoring is a vibration of your respiratory structures thanks to an obstruction in air movement, but doesn’t always occur in cases of sleep apnea. Snoring can leave you feeling fatigued and distracted, lacking the energy to get through every day activities. However, some of the best snoring treatments are designed to give you back full nights of uninterrupted sleep. Treating snoring in Midtown Manhattan is done through surgery, lifestyle changes, and custom made oral devices intended to keep airways open.

In order to figure out the best snoring treatments for your case, you’ll need to undergo a sleep study. Specialists first need to figure out what is causing your problem before they can determine the best way to treat it. You can get a sleep study at an East Side snoring and sleep clinic, where you’ll be hooked up to a machine that registers things like your breathing, rapid eye movement, and oxygen levels, among others. All of this information is used to form a diagnosis and figure out exactly why you are snoring and how to best treat it.

How to treat snoring effectively

Surgeries like a Pillar Procedure, a balloon sinuplasty surgery, or a UPPP procedure can be utilized to treat snoring. The surgeries accomplish a few different things, depending on the procedure. However, there are risks to each one and a specialist will usually try other methods of treating snoring in Midtown Manhattan first.

Another common method is through continuous positive airway pressure, in which the patient wears a mask that pushes continuous air and keeps the airway open. The controlled stream of air can be adjusted based on your needs and while it’s uncomfortable at first, most patients get used to it and find that it helps. Dental appliances are also counted amongst the best snoring treatments. They pull the tongue forward, which will keep the airways open. They are also effective in treating sleep apnea.

If you snore, don’t go through another sleepless night. Instead, make an appointment with a sleep specialist in Midtown. Through a series of examinations, tests, and a sleep study, the specialist will be able to diagnose your condition and figure out how to treat it effectively. Snoring is unique to each patient and each patient will need to have a unique treatment plan.